Club Whizz® brush

Brush design incorporates a tested bristle formation with specific contour to give the ultimate clean! Click on/off for on course or after play use to clean shoes or cart tyres.

Club Whizz Docking Base

Fits centrally on your wheel and is a once off installation. Leave the Docking Base on your cart and remove and store the Brush in your Golf Bag between rounds.

Adjustable Tie Strap

Strong, yet flexible enough to ensure they secure the Docking Base on all sorts of wheels. With engraved measurements precision fitting is assured.

Hook / Screw Bracket

Stainless steel hooks can be simply inserted between the tyre & rim to secure the straps in almost all cases. Alternatively, for carts with a one piece wheel and tyre it can be secured by screwing in the spacers provided.

Fits… BigMax,ClicGear,SunMountain,Bagboy,Alphard,MGI,
Smoothy, Rovic,Powakaddy,MotoCaddy,Axglo FlipnGo, linksman,Bat-Caddy,Stewart Golf, Cart-Tek, Oggio,Stonehaven Glide, Surefire, CaddyStar, Motorised Golf, Bagman,  Calibre, Founders Golf, Brosnan, Pilgrim, DuCaddie, Ultimo & many many more !!!
Fit to your Bag if you don’t walk!

Clean grooves mean more Spin & Control lowering scores, that’s a fact!! Clean Shoes & Cart tyres, a Bonus!! 

The Product

“Designed & Engineered in Australia with over 2,000 hours of Testing on the Golf Course”

• The Club Whizz® is a revolutionary new cleaning aid for golfers. The brush attaches to your golf carts wheel using one of our two attachment methods.

• Once attached, the brush rotates on your wheel as you walk the course. The specially engineered bristle formation will give your clubs an amazing clean after just a few rotations, simply hold theclub face against the brush for a few paces. It’s easy watch our video.

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The Club Whizz® A Must Have for Golfers

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Reasons to Choose Club Whizz®

  • Best & most effective on course cleaning solution.
  • Keeps dirt off your clothes, hands & cart bag. Unlike a towel it does not require your hand to come into contact with the club head, just hold the club by the grip.
  • As the brush rotates it flicks the dirt off your club back onto the ground in front of it not toward you!
  • Unlike a towel the dirt doesn’t stick to it, so you’re not re-applying dirt to the club, like you will with a soiled towel.
  • Won’t ruin your washing machine, just rinse under a tap between rounds, if at all !
  • Clean clubs will help lower your score, clean grooves improve spin & control.
  • It looks awesome on your Cart!
  •  Speeds Up Play!



Clean while stationary
Taken your shot, while you wait for your partner to take theirs simply rub your club face against the brush while stationary for a great clean. The brush clips on and off so you can use it as a traditional brush during or after play & for easy storage and maintenance.

Clips on and off
Clip it off and use it to clean your shoes during or after play. Don’t forget to clean those dirty cart tyres before you put the cart in your car!

“Don’t use a Push Cart.. Left it at home for the day.. Take the Club Whizz
with you, just clip it to your bag!!

(Insert strap in entry Number 3 on the docking base fully leaving just the opening at the end exposed and use the hole at the end of it to secure
to your bag with a towel ring/chain)


$39.95 free express postage Australia Wide.

International Orders $8 postage.